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Welcome to use MRT users service system!

MRT is a high technology hard disk repair and data recovery product that developed by Wuhan Situofu science and technology company. The product includes hardware and software. The MRT SATA controller of hardware could connects two HDDs which need to be repaired. Through particular hardware technology, it makes HDD works in factory model, open all operation authorities so that you can visit firmware part and microcode and then repair HDD in factory level. Shunxue Chen, the initiator of MRT laboratory, has a deep research for HDD firmware system. MRT laboratory devoted to the research and development of the solution of data recovery for many years, and now it has mature technology and extensive products.

The system is used to provide better service for users of MRT series products; the system includes MRT products register and activation, inner resource download provided for MRT users only, members communication and other functions. Users need to register first and then they can use the products. After users purchase MRT series products, users account will be activated, after that they can use and download all resources provided by our website.

User guide of user self-service product activation system

The using way of MRT tools software is bonding to hardware of host, it is also common way of other data recovery industry software. When MRT installing, it will extract hardware environment parameters of current computer and create a unique machine code, the machine code is unique corresponding to hardware environment of current computer. And then, users need to submit the machine code to our website, register program of the website will create a corresponding register code according to machine code users submitted, after users get register code, copy it to MRT, and then MRT will be activated and begin to use. If users change hardware environment of computer in the halfway, or need to install MRT into another computer, the primary register code will invalid. Now MRT will create a new machine code according to new hardware environment, users only need to login our website again and submit new machine code, website will create new register code and then users can activate MRT again and begin to use.

If users want to use the system, they need to register an account and use this account to login in our website. If users need to register account, click "User register" in Navigation bar, users need to fill in some basic information and set up user name and password, user name can be Chinese or English, it is very convenient. After you purchase MRT products, we will express MRT hardware card and accessories to you, when you receive MRT hardware card, you can download MRT software from our website and install it. When MRT software first run, it will show machine code and you need to input register code. Now you need to contact us and provide your user name which registered in website and MRT hardware card serial number you received. You can find MRT hardware card serial number label in the back of card. After we receive user name and hardware card serial number you provided, we will bond your user name and hardware card serial number. Later after you login in our website's user center, you can inquire MRT products you have now in "My device" of the left side navigation bar. You can transfer the possession of the products, select "Transfer device" in "Operation"; receiver must register a user name in our website. And then you can activate your MRT products at any time, select "Product activation" in the left side navigation bar, and then paste machine code, click submit, website will create register code, copy register code to textbox which corresponding to MRT program, and then click "Register" button of MRT program and finish activation, you can begin to use it. Notice: every user's account can only activate MRT hardware card which bond in their own account name and they can't get other's MRT products' register code.

Product description

MRT is a multifunctional HDD repair and data recovery tools, the tools include software and hardware. Hardware includesMRT PCIE SATA controller card and several accessories, software includes MRT all series HDDs repair program. MRT PCIE SATA controller card is hardware card base on PCIE slot, it can be inserted in extend slot of computer motherboard such as network card, sound card or video card, the hardware card provides two SATA interfaces and one IDE interface, HDD which need to repaired connects in interface provided by hardware card. The repair card adopts unique hardware technology, it can operate HDDs in factory level, when other software and operation system can't be identified, and MRT can still identify and deal with HDDs. At the same time, MRT products provide abundant accessories, including terminal serial port and programmer tools, which can completely fulfill all kinds of use demand. MRT programmer tools can read and programming to HDD's ROM chip and not only limit to HDD, ROM chip which accord with SPI interface, include computer motherboard's BIOS chip, can be written by MRT programmer tools, It can be used to repair HDD ROM write fail, motherboard BIOS write fail and other situations. MRT software is making up by factory utilities which support various brands HDDs; MRT contains WD, Seagate, Hitachi, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu and other brands repair program, every repair program is corresponding to HDDs of same brand. MRT tools software can read, write and revise firmware, kill bad tracks forcedly, recover data, revise HDD physical parameter, test head, visit service area, factory utilities operation and so on, it is professional tools for data recovery and HDD repair industry.

As for professional HDD repair and data recovery software, MRT will make great effort to provide better tools and service for users. We can't develop without your support!

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