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MRT Software Download
Created by MRT laboratory,MRT Pro is a combination of software and hardware that specializes in both HDD repair and data recovery.The hardware aspect has a special MRT SATA controller card equipped with two SATA ports and one IDE port, which allows two HDDs to be repaired simultaneously. Through advanced hardware technology, the repair of HDDs can be conducted at factory mode where firmware and microcode is accessible.hunxue Chen, the initiator of MRT laboratory, has a deep research for HDD firmware system. MRT laboratory devoted to the research and development of the solution of data recovery for many years, and now it has mature technology and extensive products.MRT products currently support HDD families of products from various manufacturers including Western Digital, Seagate, Hitachi , Fujitsu, Toshiba,Samsung and Maxtor.The HDD can be conducted at factory mode, such as Shielding head, repair the defects on the magnetic surface, change the firmware and etc. The build-in DR tools are used in data recovery. It provide the function of fault disk image, file detailed analysis and etc., which can extract data from fault hard disk powerfully.
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